Iva Domingues

Iva Domingues is a renowned Television Host and Journalist, known for her work on various high quality productions in Portugal. Her career has spanned over 18 years in Broadcast News and Entertainment. Her Tv Shows have been subject to extensive media attention for their high achievement and her dedication to the creation and innovation of telling the stories of politicians, athletes and celebrities.

Iva Domingues has an extraordinary ability and stature within the pop culture, media and television industry, in Portugal. For those reasons, she will represent TVI in Los Angeles, for coverage of all major Film Industry events such as the Academy Awards (Oscars), the Golden Globes, the Grammys, Emmys, among other galas and red carpets.

Universal, Paramount, Disney, and Warner Brothers movies premieres will be hosted by Iva Domingues ,for interviews with the Cast, Producers and Directors.

Iva Domingues will also be at the most important Fashion shows and events in LA: Music events, Concerts and Festivals , such as the iconic Coachella, in California.

Iva Domingues’s work will be broadcast from Los Angeles for several Tv News and Shows: “Câmara Exclusiva” TVI, “CineBox” TVI24 , “Jornal da 8” TVI, “Jornal da 1” TVI.

Hand in hand with this move, Iva Domingues is also launching “LA LA LANDER”, her new Digital Project, where she will share her day-to-day life in the world’s movie capital. This blog is a partnership with Media Capital. In “LA LA LANDER” we can see: the backstage of Hollywood interviews, the California tours, and all lifestyle themes such as exercise, food, beauty, shopping, restaurants, parties.

Iva Domingues is also the founder and promoter of the feminist digital platform Capazes, which focuses on the public debate on gender equality.

Her extraordinary talent as a leader in her field, make her very popular across social media platforms. Ms Iva Domingues has almost half a million followers.